Hamada Inc.'s roots go back to the William Hamada Industrial Sheet Metal Company which originated in Philadelphia in 1952. During the early years the company only did architectural sheet metal work and depended primarily on contracting with local roofing contractors and small general contractors.

William Hamada worked with the tools of his trade as a journeyman sheet metal worker and his family business grew. With much hard work and tight control the small business bid competitively while capitalizing on its efficiency. It continued to build a reputation based on quality and reliability.

After proving the dream of his new business possible, and having experienced slow but continuous growth, Bill packed away the tools of his trade, expanded his facilities, incorporated Hamada Inc. in 1961 and moved the shop and office to its present location on Frankford Avenue in Philadelphia, Roofing and waterproofing soon became the primary business focus with architectural sheet metal work remaining a specialty as Hamada looked toward larger commercial projects.

William Hamada fully retired in 1988 and Hamada Inc. is now in its second generation of ownership. There are many employees who have worked for both generations of family ownership. This is a testament to the dedication of employees at Hamada.

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